Dr. Elizabeth Ashman



I was born and raised in Oak Ridge, NJ.  As a young girl, I did competitive gymnastics until about the age of 14.  In high school, I played Varsity Soccer, and I was on a Ski Racing team.  My dad was a veterinarian and I enjoyed shadowing and learning from him as I grew up.  During college, I spent 5 weeks in Thailand working with wildlife and studied abroad for a semester in New Zealand.  My Pre-Vet was completed at the University of Delaware, and I went on to Ross University for Veterinary school.  My Clinical year was done at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  

I have a fiesty oriental short hair cat named Reggie who was named after my favorite singer, Elton John.  In my spare time outside of the hospital, I love being outdoors and camping, backpacking, skiing, and snowboarding.  I also love going to concerts and sporting events, or enjoying a good jigsaw puzzle at home.  You will find me rooting for the Vegas Golden Knights in the winter, the Atlanta Braves during the summer, and the New York Giants in the fall.