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Anesthesia Release Form

Emergency Contact
I understand that in performing today’s procedure (s) my pet will receive a sedation or general anesthetic. I understand that anesthetic and surgical procedures may involve the risk of complications, regardless of patient’s age, health conditions or side-effects to medicine. Your pet may incur the risk of injury or even death from both and unknown causes and no guarantee has either been expressed or implied as to the result or cure, and I am encouraged to discuss any concerns I have about those risks with my veterinarian or nurses before the procedure.

Preparation- The skin around the surgical procedure will be clipped and scrubbed with an antiseptic. We follow all sterile procedure requirements (surgical preparation, surgical packs, and surgical attire).

Monitoring– All patients are monitored during anesthetic procedures with an ECG machine, pulse oximetry, blood pressure machine, and capnograph. In addition to the monitoring equipment, all surgeries are manually monitored by the doctor or a dedicated nurse anesthetist during the procedure

Catheterization- For most surgical procedures, an intravenous catheter is placed to provide an easy route to administer medications and fluids which allows us to maintain blood pressure and support kidney function during the procedure. A small patch of fur will be shaved to place the IVC.

CPR- Your pet may require cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), including cardiac compressions, positive pressure respiration, emergency medications, or other interventions. If I request such emergency procedures, I agree to be held responsible for veterinary services provided to my pet while staff members pursue treatment and try to reach me for further directions. Regardless of my pet’s recovery or survival, I agree to pay CPR fees in addition to other fees already identified by the practice and agreed upon by me.

Please answer the following questions about your pet’s history and present health:
We offer a complimentary nail trim for anesthetic procedures if you DO NOT want us to trim your pet’s nails please inform us.