Dr. Megan Elsarelli


I was raised as a military child, but I consider Las Vegas my home as it is the place where I have lived the longest. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University. After I graduated, I completed an internship in Greensboro, NC before returning to the Las Vegas area to provide local general practitioner services.

I have two dogs, Stormie and Martini. Quincy, my cat, and Loki, my corn snake, were the first pets I added to my family. My husband and I also keep (and name) many fish!

My favorite hobby is gaming and I enjoy video games, tabletop role-play games, and board games with friends. The games I enjoy the most are those with complicated puzzles and a good plot. If I have a game in mind and cannot find it, I write it myself for my D&D campaign!