How do I see my dog?

Click here to view our live boarding cameras! Then, login using the credentials below.

Username: Daycare
Password: Daycare1

I don’t see my dog in the suite, but I do see food/water, toys or blankets.

If you see food/water, toys or blankets, but don’t see your dog in the suite, your dog is likely outside enjoying play time or happens to be out of the camera view. We’ve positioned our cameras to catch as much of the suite as possible, but your pet may have found a corner to relax in for the time being. Rest assured, your dog should be visible soon!

I don’t see my dog in the suite. I also don’t see food/water, toys or bedding OR I see a dog in the suite, but it’s not my dog.

If you don’t see anything in the suite other than our standard dog beds, then your dog has probably been moved to a different suite. If you see a dog other than your own, then your dog has definitely been moved to a different suite. We try not to move dogs from their assigned suite, but situations occasionally arise when we need to. Please call the hospital at 702-529-9001 to request a new camera link for your dog’s new suite.

It doesn’t look like my dog has enough food or water.

The comfort and safety of your pet is our number one priority and we have designated kennel attendants that make regular checks on your pet. We guarantee we will be by shortly and will make any adjustments or refills to keep your dog hydrated and well-fed. If you have a particular concern, please call the hospital at (702) 213-4513.

I have a specific request, such as the TV being turned off or on, the dog bed being moved, etc.

We want your dog to feel safe and secure during their stay with us and we have set up each boarding suite in a layout that we believe provides both engaging and relaxing options. However, if you have a specific request, please call the hospital at (702) 213-4513.

I have a request for something unrelated to the cameras (i.e. copies of receipts, scheduling an appointment, etc).

Please call the hospital at (702) 213-4513 and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

The website reports that my login has expired.

Your link should be active from the time you drop off your pet to 11:59 pm on the day you are scheduled to pick your pet up. If your pet is still boarding with us but your login has expired, we may have selected the wrong date when setting up your link. If you have had to extend your boarding, you will need a new link. Please call the hospital at (702) 213-4513 to get a new link.

My password doesn’t work.

For your security, your password has been assigned using a random password generator. These passwords are case-sensitive, so we recommend copying the password directly from the e-mail and pasting into the login field. If you are typing your password in by hand, please pay close attention to the capitalization in the password and the difference between a 0 (number zero) and an O (capital letter).

I received an error message saying, “You are currently using an unsupported browser.”

Unfortunately, we cannot support all browsers at this time, including Internet Explorer. This means that if the web service you are using is Internet Explorer, you will not be able to view the camera. If your device has Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari, please use one of those browsers to access the camera. If your device does not have one of those browsers, you can download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox