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As a partner in your pet’s health care, Boca Park Animal Hospital provides valuable resources concerning medical care, training, nutrition and other pet needs.


American Kennel Club
Cat Fanciers Association
American Veterinary Medical Association 
Training and Behavioral Advice for Cats and Dogs
Tips For Less Stressful Visits To The Vet
What Causes Cat Stress Or Anxiety
Insurance Comparisons



Dr. Sophia Yin, Animal Behavioralist
Keeping Indoor Cats Healthy: Tips and techniques for preventing stress-related health problems
Clicker Training
Cat Training

Body Language of Fear - Poster

Training Dogs and Cats to Love Car Rides

Training Cats to Love Getting Injections

Training Cats to Love Receiving Oral Medications

Training Dogs and Cats to Love Having Their Ears Handled

Training Dogs and Cats to Love Being Petted or Groomed

Training Cats to Love Having Their Toenails Trimmed

Training Dogs to Love Their Crates

Dog Park Etiquette

Dr. Yin's Top 10 Dog Training Tips

Training and Behavior - FAQs

Four Categories of Operant Conditioning

Training Dogs to Love Their Gentle Leader

How Kids Should Interact With Dogs - Poster

How Kids Should NOT Interact With Dogs - Poster

The Learn To Earn Program - Poster



Care for Rabbits 
Care for Tortoises